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Which Turntable Is Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

March 26, 2018 • Benny

wooden turntableFor higher-end turntables, we suggest checking out Pro-Ject. Pro-Ject has a super sleek and cool looking design to each and every one of their turntables. Without looking gaudy, their turntable components are actually really darn good as well. With only the highest quality parts, the Pro-Ject Elemental for example, scores among the top choices of record players in many turntable websites. And that’s for a very good reason, the audio quality is impressive. It also doesn’t look like your typical out of the box turntable which comes in a rectangular stand and huge platter right smack in the middle. The Pro-Ject elemental has just a strip of horizontal base that’s slimmer than its platter, thus giving it the feeling of the platter being suspended in mid-air. Plus, this turntable does not have a totally outrageous price tag compared to similar alternatives. Priced at just about $300, it’s quite a steal even compared to cost-effective alternative record players like the ultra popular Audio Technica ATLP-120.

You may also want to look into getting a dust box. They do help keep your record player parts top-notch. Having dust accumulate over your record player platter or inside the more delicate components like the cartridge can dull the audio effects.

Categories: Turntable Brands